Cheat Codes Discovered To Unlock All Levels Of TimeSplitters 2 Within Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution isn’t that notable of a game, but there is an Easter egg for an old cult classic the developers at Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios (known as Free Radical back then) used to make: TimeSplitters 2.

The Easter Egg contains two playable levels of TimeSplitters 2, accessible by finding an arcade cabinet in the game.

In a new enlightening Twitter thread about game devs sharing Easter Eggs they’ve sneaked in video games, it was revealed by developer Matt Phillips that the TimeSplitters 2 Easter Egg was a “fully playable, native 4K port”. There was a cheat code for it which Phillips gave to a friend “to leak in some Discord channel”, but he himself didn’t keep it around, saying it to be “lost to time”.

Twitter user Spencer Perrault (@SpencerTheDean) replied with that long-lost code.

Lance McDonald, known for uncovering game secrets and modding Bloodborne to run at 60fps, also reported on the cheat code, citing the same source, back to Spencer Perrault:

There a couple more of these cheat codes, all supposed to be entered while using the arcade cabinet.

Twitter user @olynative compiled all the cheat codes into an Imgur album, and you can find the codes (for PS4, PC and Xbox One) here.

You can see one the cheat codes working in action here by Andrew Tsai:

This means that for those that are asking for TimeSplitters, there is a port of TimeSplitters 2 on a modern console and PC today. And it’s buried under Homefront The Revolution all this while.

Now there’s a good reason to go get Homefront The Revolution.

Deep Silver has nothing to announce in regards to a new TimeSplitters, but this cheat code should be satiate fans who want a return to the cult-hit FPS where you can mow down an army of living gingerbread men with a minigun as a monkey.

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