Charles Martinet Steps Back From Voicing Mario, Now Mario Ambassador

Charles Martinet, the long-time voice for Mario (as well as other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom) in the many games by Nintendo, is stepping back from the role.

In a statement posted by Nintendo Of America, Martinet will continue to work with Nintendo in the new role of Mario Ambassador. But he will not be voicing the iconic Nintendo mascot anymore.

A video message featuring Martinet and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto will be posted soon.

Martinet has voiced Mario since Super Mario 64, for the Nintendo 64, in 1996. Mario may not be the most talkative person, but his grunts, yelps and occasional one-word shouts have become iconic. Mario does speak a lot in non-mainline Mario games including Mario’s Game Gallery.

Earlier this year saw the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, where Mario is voiced by another actor (Martinet appears in a cameo role).

Mario is getting another game this year in the form of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, releasing later this October.

UPDATE 08/09/2023: Nintendo Of America has published the aforementioned video message. The video confirms that Super Mario Bros. Wonder will not have the involvement of Martinet. As for the role of Mario Ambassador, Martinet will be touring the world to meet and entertain fans.

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