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Celebrate 4 Years Of GTA Online With Free Money


It has been four years GTA Online is being supported, with new content being kept on added on a monthly basis. To celebrate that, anyone who logs in GTA Online on the PS4, PC or Xbox One before November 6 will get GTA$400,000 deposited into your account between November 6-13. That’s free money, and it’s not from shady hackers- it’s all legit.

Of course, it’s also the time for another new Adversary Mode and a new car. The Adversary Mode, Condemned, is a Last Man Standing mode with a twist- one man is marked to die within a time limit and the only way to keep being alive is kill someone. Camping may not be a legitimate strategy for this one, it seems. As always, this mode will offer double payout until November 6, alongside Smuggler’s Sell missions.

Also, they added a new car, that sort of looks like a batmobile. The Vigilante is rocket-propelled and can also upgraded with missles.

All of these are available in GTA Online right now.