Carry An Egg In A Basket While Riding A Bike As An Egg In Eggcelerate! To The Tropics

Oh boy, do we have some eggciting news. Don’t worry we’ve cracked our only egg pun for this story as the title of the game should be enough.

Developer Tyre Bytes is releasing a new game called Eggcelerate! To The Tropics. And as the title says, you are an egg, riding a motorcycle, transporting an Easter egg that’s on a basket. Sounds simple enough, it’s like those elementary school sports day events where you run around with an egg on a spoon but instead of running around you’re riding on a motorcycle.

The catch is of course, the trail is full of twisty turns, uneven terrain (that will rattle and shake the one egg you supposed to be escorting) and you’re racing against the clock. If an egg falls off and cracks, you’ll see them sunny side up on the terrain as you do another attempt, like a family-friendly equivalent to the blood stains seen in soulslikes.

No worries, the presentation here is all vibes, the trailer has an excellent tropical flavour to it thanks to its music.

Interesting fact, Eggcelerate! to the Tropics started life in a game jam, the LudumDare 46 held in April 2020.

Eggcelerate! to the Tropics will be out on March 30 on PC (Steam). A demo is available on the Steam page. If you like egg puns and racing, the leaderboards part of the page is just full of egg-ified racing driver names including “Eggstreme McQueen”, “Scrambled Hamilton”, “Poached Ricciardo” and not to mention, “Sunny Side Senna”.

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