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Capcom Creating ‘T-Virus’ Perfume for the RE fans


Never have I thought, “man, I’m starting to wonder how classy zombies are in Raccon City than the ones from different regions” while getting my hands on any Resident Evil games during my free time, but hoo-boy look at how sceptical Capcom is toward their fans. They are announcing their very own Resident Evil themed cologne and it is expected to be released in Japan this 26 March 2016.


Video game publisher Capcom has a game-themed restaurant in Saitama, Japan, called, of course, Capcom Cafe. The restaurant serves food based on their properties, and also has a gift shop.


That gift shop will be selling “Resident Evil” perfume called T-virus (designed after the infamous Umbrella Corporation strain.)

Named after the T-Virus, the scent is described as Fresh, and the virus was used as a reference point for the fragrance. While it might smell nice, it is quite potent, and the description says to exercise caution when spraying it in larger doses. It will cost around $38.00 ( RM 153.94 )

A deodorant body spray that’s based on the “healing spray” player characters will spray on themselves in the video games

You can also get a spray-on deodorant that looks like a first aid bottle if that is more your speed, and that will run you about $12.00 (RM 48.61)

In the video games and the film adaptations of the series, the T-virus is what initially causes the outbreak of zombies that the series’ stories revolves around. The T-virus can also cause other sorts of mutations under certain circumstances.

Gaming themed products like this tend to do well, so it actually isn’t too surprising that Resident Evil is going this route. As long as they don’t come out with a real virus, I think we’re good. You can order it from the Capcom Cafe.

I guess it’s safe to say, “spray it at your own risk”.

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