Call Of Duty Mobile Beta – Impression

With the mobile shooter market being fully in control by the likes of PUBG and Fortnite still to this day, it is a small wonder why the Call of Duty series took this long to finally be onto the mobile market.

But now, they are going “boots on the ground” again. And boy was it fun to play.

Familiar but different

The game’s look seems to be a mix of the new Modern Warfare aesthetic with some UI stuff in Black Ops 4, which is a good combo. It fits quite nicely on the mobile screen with it not hogging too much attention from the action. And it runs quite smooth (hitting 60 at times) on the highest graphics quality.

Controls have been simplified, of course. but one neat feature is them copying the PUBG ‘Aim then immediately shoot’ mechanics which helps increase the frantic Time to Kill action CoD is known for.

Pick and Choose

Killstreaks, Skills, and Perks make a solid return onto the mobile version. The UAV and predator missile attack (which is now adapted to touch controls, fancy) hasn’t changed one drastically while the perk system is a bit peculiar to get as it’s not unlocked as you play but, as of this beta, via unlocking it using the in-game currency.

Ditto for the Operator skill as well but if balanced correctly, it could be quite easy to acquire more for players, and it’s quite nice to use these skills as the match gets intense.

As expected,the loadout and weapon customization are also a key feature within the mobile game. Players can customize the weapon’s skin, scope and grips just like the console counterpart with the weapons having their own levels for their customizable parts to be unlocked.

The weapons can even be leveled up with XP cards similar to those in gacha games like Fate GO or Granblue so that’s nice.

And The Rest

Blackout mode is also playable during the beta and like the MP mode, it has the same controls and renders the map quite smoothly. This has the potential to be more fun than their mobile rivals in the long run.

Lastly, we have to talk about the forthcoming micro-transaction purchases available. At the time of writing during its beta phase, it seems to be quite affordable but the amount of stuff available to purchase with the credits received after each match could be tweaked in the future. But I feel keeping the same price as now is beneficial to the players really.


COD Mobile has the makings of a giant killer, which is strange consider their dominance within the console scene, but some rumblings within the game could make or break them in the future but for now, this is the best mobile shooting in the market.

Played on a Samsung Galaxy S10e. This is the closed beta version and could change in the final version.




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