Burnout Paradise Will Be The First Batch For X360 Porting

After the announcement by Microsoft that Xbox One now can support backward compatibility during E3 last month, it is indeed a superb news for all the Xbox’s fans. But up to date, still, there have small list of uninteresting games that can be played. Worries not, Microsoft has promise that many more games will be supported later this year.

One of the upcoming X360 games to Xbox One are Burnout Paradise, a “demolition derby” kind of racing game will be playable on Xbox One.

This news was confirmed by Criterion Games, as Burnout Series game developer based on their tweet below:

With the support of the Xbox 360 games to the new gen, many developers are also interested in this game. One of the example, Bethesda, giving out Fallout 3 for free with every purchase of Fallout 4 for the Xbox One.

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