BurgerTime Party! For Nintendo Switch Gets A Demo

If you remember BurgerTime Party, you probably lived through 1982 to see the arcade game by Data East. Now there is a reimagining of it available on Nintendo Switch. And also a demo.

The demo for BurgerTime Party! is now available on the Nintendo eShop. It’s a bite-sized taste of the game, with four modes on offer. The single-player “Solo Burger” mode, “Main Burger” mode with big levels for 1-4 players, “Battle Burger” the PVP mode, and “Challenge Burger” mode.

The game is also on sale, 30% off until January 16th.

This is one interesting release by publisher XSEED Games/Marvelous USA and developers G-MODE. If you require some bit of nostalgia, or just want an arcade game involving burgers, you can have one now on the Switch.

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