Bungie Gives Details To Destiny 2’s Upcoming Two-Month Content Update On Route To The Final Shape Starting Next Week

With their final DLC within the Light and Dark Saga coming to a close later this June, Bungie has announced that they will be showcasing what to expect within this two month interval with their content update, Destiny 2: Into the Light, is launching on April 9, starting with a livestream next week on March 19.

These will be a series of three livestreams featuring the development team will showcase new content, features, and rewards with hands-on gameplay that players will be expecting to play during this gap before the big expansion. Besides next week, the other days for these livestreams are March 26 and April 2.

Destiny 2 is also collaborating with Ghostbusters to offer themed in-game items on March 19 for the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which adds an accessory pack that includes a Slimer Exotic Ghost shell, a Garraka-inspired Exotic Sparrow, and an Ecto-1-themed Exotic ship.

And besides the Guardians Games still on-going until March 26 and the incredible Witch Queen expansion being free on PS Plus Essentials, Destiny 2 looks dead-set for their expansion launch later on June 4.

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