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Build Cities On Another Planet With Surviving Mars, Coming In 2018


There’s plenty of city builder games out now, but what about city builders based on another planet? While last year saw the Anno series go to the moon, Haemimont Games, the creators of the Caribbean dictatorship city builder Tropico, plans to go to Mars.

Surviving Mars is a city builder set on.. Mars. Building a colony here will have you juggling with various resources, like oxygen and food as well as basic amenities like electricity. Research paths- which will unlock new buildings and more- are semi randomised. There’s also the mystery of living on another planet which may impact your Space Domes for better or for worse. It will still bring the signature humour from the Tropico series, as seen in the trailer below:

Haemimont Games will be partnering up with publishers Paradox Interactive (the makers of grand strategy games like Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II and publishers of the highly successful city builder Cities Skylines). Surviving Mars is set to launch on PC sometime in 2018.