Build Cities In A Train-Powered World In Sweet Transit, Available Now In Early Access

Choo choo! Get on the train, Sweet Transit is now available in Steam Early Access. Published by Team17 and developed by solo dev Ernestas Norvaišas (3D artist and developer of Factorio), Sweet Transit tasks you to build cities in a world where the major mode of transportation is steam locomotives running on railways.

While it’s mainly a city-builder where you plop down buildings and amenities and slowly watch your humble village grow into bustling town, the big appeal here in Sweet Transit is the trains. You can create routes to bring workers from towns to the coal mines located far off the map, and then haul the coal to warehouses. It’s a complex system that lets you customise exactly how your train is built, where and when it stops using routes, and even plop down signals.

That’s where the “train-led” in “train-led” city builder comes in. You are required to have a rail network to connect the resources from mines and farms to the city. So having a well-oil system of steam machines is crucial in Sweet Transit.

The developer has outlined what’s to come content-wise in the next update via an Early Access “railmap” (roadmap). Expect to see steel as a resource which can be used to create steel bridges and steel tools, an unlock tree and production stats to be added, alongside other requested features by the community.

If the idea of a city builder with a ridiculously in-depth transit system sounds intriguing, or if you’re a steam train enthusiast, Sweet Transit might be the game you should check out. It’s available right now on PC via Steam Early Access for RM67.50 (regular Early Access price is at RM75)

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