Boss Battler Furi Has A Release Date, Free On PS Plus

Furi is an indie character action game that only has boss battles. The no-filler all-killer approach on game design with characters design by the artist behind Afro Samurai and a spanking electronic soundtrack is certainly interesting, and we have now a firm release date on when it’s coming: July 5.

Furi is set to release on PC and PS4. While the Steam page has yet to show a price, though the folks at Eurogamer reported it would be USD 30, it was recently announced that the game will be available for free for active PS Plus subscribers. Yes, it is confirmed on the Asian Playstation blog that we will indeed have Furi available to us as well. Despite the free games lineup in Asia did not match with other regions recently, we will have a similar one offered on the PS4 and PS3.

This should be great news to active PS Plus subscribers, as it is one of the rare occasion where a new indie game was offered for free on release. Last April saw the same thing with Dead Star, a twin-stick MOBA by Armature Studios, who is now busy with completing the Xbox-exclusive shooter/platformer ReCore.

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