Borderlands 3 Gets Another Level Cap Increase To Coincide Guns, Love, And Tentacles DLC Release

Borderlands 3 will be getting another level cap increase- from level 53 to level 57- when the Guns, Love And Tentacles: The Marriage Of Wainwright And Hammerlock DLC drops.

With level 57, it’s now possible to make builds of characters with two capstone skills. Capstone skills are the last entry of the skills on each skill tree that are game-changers. For example, with level 57, you can make Moze regen ammo of her currently equipped gun and also have a chance to trigger an extra explosion on each gunshot hit.

The level cap increase is available for all players, for free. Alongside that, a Takedown Shakedown event is now live, which increases the loot drop in the Takedown At The Maliwan Blacksite raid.

Guns, Love And Tentacles DLC drops on March 26th. Borderlands 3 is now available on PS4, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), and Xbox One.

Source: Borderlands


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