Bloodroots Is A Top-Down Action Game Where You Can Weaponise Vegetables, Out Now

What if John Wick gets a Hotline Miami-style game but set in a “Weird West” setting? You get something like Bloodroots. This is the first big indie game from developer Paper Cult.

In Bloodroots, you are Mr. Wolf as he exacts revenge against those who betrayed him. As you’d expect, you’re always outnumbered, but Mr. Wolf is very good at weaponising anything he gets a hold on. From swords to vegetables, almost any weapon you pick up can be lethal.

While the pace is relentless ala Hotline Miami, this is not a straight top-down twin-stick game. Nailing combos looks more like an action game, with platforming segments in-between the combat sections.

Bloodroots is out now on PS4 (but not on PS Store Asia at the time of writing), PC (Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch.

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