Black Desert Teases New Hashashin Class And New Region Coming Later This Year

Pearl Abyss has revealed a content roadmap for what to expect later this year. This was done through the annual Heidel Ball stream, which is a literal ball event normally, but due to the global pandemic, is only a livestream for this year.

Two major content will be coming soon to the MMORPG. The first is the new Hashashin class. Hashashins fights in melee, using the Shamshir as his main weapon and has the power to control sandstorms. Also, they can move slightly faster in deserts and has a bit higher resistance to desert diseases.

Expect to play as the Hashashins later in July.

The second is a new, unnamed region. This new, mountainous and snowy region is located south of the deserts of Mediah.

Other features announced includes a new server with more challenging Hunting Grounds with better rewards, a global version for Arena Of Arsha, Zodiac Signs and changes to Horse races and Node Wars.

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