Black Desert SEA Celebrates April Fool’s With A Week-Long Event

A new Black Desert event is now live for April Fool’s Day, starting today until April 7.

Field Bosses will be spawning in various locations throughout this event period. What kind of monster that spawns is a question you need to figure out yourself by seeking them out as their appearances are announced.

The Dingy Antique is also available as a challenge reward during this period.

For those playing as the Shai class, your donkey mounts now have wings and can glide, making travel even faster. This lasts until April 14. Also, Shais have special new quests awaiting them for various rewards.

Lastly, World Bosses now drop Shiny Rings during this event period. Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Armor) will be rewarded for logging in play time during this event period.

Recently, Black Desert added a new class, the Sage, so the MMORPG, available on PC and consoles (with a next-gen version still in the works) is very much alive and well-supported still.

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