Bionicle Fan Game Looks Sick, Demo Coming Next Year

New from Bionicle. The Bionicle fan game Bionicle: Masks Of Power, developed by Team Kanohi, released a new trailer and teases a demo as part of the Bionicle Day celebration on August 10.

All of the six Toa Mata are seen here. Tahu flinging his fire sword, Pohatu sprinting, Kopaka looking cool, Lewa leaping in the air, Onua smashing through earth and Gali, with a Matoran on her back, diving over a waterfall.

Gameplay-wise, we saw mostly Lewa and Onua. It’s definitely shaping up to be a soulslike action game.

The new trailer featured new music featuring a collaboration by Essenger and Cryoshell. Long-time Bionicle fans will be familiar with the latter, a Danish rock band that formed to make music for Bionicle. The former is a music producer who has been doing a lot of Bionicle meme-posting.

The Free The Band Demo will be available in Early 2024, so it’s still a while until players can have a hands-on on this Unreal Engine 5-powered fan game. We do get to see the said band at the very end of the trailer.

While The Lego Group has not endorsed or been involved with the Bionicle: Masks Of Power project, they also are not actively blocking the project. It’s the few rare fan game projects that are in no threat of a potential cease and desist.

Bionicle is a discontinued line from Lego from 2001 that features the struggle of multiple hero teams, the Toa, facing off against the evil forces of Makuta.

The 2001 era of Bionicle, on which Bionicle: Masks Of Power is based, holds deep nostalgic value to its fans as some of the most engrossing multimedia projects where its lore is spread on cereal box CDs, a website, a Flash game updated monthly as well as the Lego set themselves. The wonderful worldbuilding has spawned a fandom that continues to live on long after all its story has been told.

The series ended in 2010, and was revived in 2015 as a reboot though it was short-lived.

Bionicle: Masks Of Power is coming to PC (Steam).

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