Befriend A Boy In PS VR Game Ghost Giant


With so many games being all gritty and realistic it’s refreshing to see a wholesome game once in a while. Announced as one of the four pre-E3 announcements by Playstation, Ghost Giant is a PS VR game where you are the eponymous Ghost Giant.

You will meet Louis, a timid and lonely anthropomorphic boy in the town of Sancourt. While initially afraid of you- you will slowly build a bond together and use your giant ghostly powers to help him with through his daily life.

Developed by Zoink, the makers of Fe, the town is described as your own dollhouse sandbox as you can open up and rotate the buildings and see through what’s happening inside, while being a good friend to Louis, giving the support he needs.

Here’s the trailer:

No release date has yet been given, but Ghost Giant will be released exclusively for PS VR.

Via Playstation Blog

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