Be A Teen Stuck In A T-Pose In Katamari Damacy Creator’s Latest Game

To A T, as in the expression “to a T”, is the latest game by Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy among other quirky yet fascinating games, under developer Uvula Team, to be published by Annapurna Interactive.

Revealed as part of the Annapurna Interactive Summer Showcase, To A T centers around the teenager, aptly named T, who has a peculiar posture. They have their arms spread out, forming a T-pose.

T-pose is a common default posture for humanoid characters when creating video games. Though mostly seen during game development, an appearance of a character T-posing implies something is wrong, the game having bugs or glitched out.

The trailer for To A T is a sweet musical number (which gives off that specific wholesome Katamari vibe) describing Teen’s life in a small coastal life, with the help of a very cute dog and mother. It’s a narrative-focus game, with mini-games sprinkled around its episodic story as players discover “a new sense of self”.

More fascinating is that the game is developed in collaboration with AbleGamers. Pair that with the lyrics of the little musical number we see in the trailer, this game could be some positive representation of differently-abled folks. And that’s always nice to see.

To A T will be Xbox and PC via Steam. No release date is set yet.

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