Be A Psychiatrist In A Retro-Future Dystopia In Mind Scanners, Out Now

Here’s a new game under our radar that made it on the Steam new and trending page today.

Mind Scanners, made by a three-person indie team at The Outer Zone, is a management game where you are to diagnose “anomaly citizens” of The Structure and treat them should you found it required. Like a psychiatrist, but for the citizens of a retro-future dystopia.

The diagnosis and treatment process looks a bit like Papers, Please UI-wise but with arcade mini-games for the tasks.

You have the power to determine if a citizen should need treatment or not. Also, if the oppressive (but really striking) aesthetic hasn’t clued you in yet, this is one shady authority you are working under.

It doesn’t help that it’s entirely your responsibility for what will happen to the patients. Expect to make ethical dilemmas as a result.

If you are interested in the dystopia setting with an interesting choice of colour palette and curious about games that talks about mental health issues, Mind Scanners may be something you might want to check out.

Mind Scanners is out now on PC via Steam for RM34.

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