Bayonetta 3 Gets A Gameplay Trailer, Featuring The Witch’s New Looks And Kaiju Battles

The next sequel to Bayonetta, the stylish character action game by PlatinumGames, have finally got a trailer that’s more than just a teaser saying it’s coming soon.

At the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, the broadcast ended with a gameplay trailer of Bayonetta 3, showing a bit of new cut-scenes and a lot of character action combat at a mostly consistent 60 fps. You can also summon a kaiju and do big monster battles too.

Bayonetta herself is sporting a new look for Bayonetta 3, which is now an established trend for new Bayo games apparently. Or is really the same Bayo? There is a bit of bait-and-switch at the start, with them showing the mascot from Platinum’s other game Astral Chain before Bayo appeared.

Bayonetta 3 is set for release sometime in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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