Battlefield 2042 Has Been Announced, Brings Near-Future Setting Back To The Series

The Battlefield series has returned to the modern day setting (more or less) with the unveiling of their latest installment, Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 will see the addition of a 128 players squad within 7 large map confirmed so far, consisting of locations such as Seoul and Egypt. All with dynamic weather and destruction you came to expect from Battlefield.

Players can expect vast amounts of customization for their weapons and vehicles, along with new additions such as the wing-suit, the grappling hook (returning from Hardlines) and a Boston Dynamic-esque Robot Dog to help you and your squad gain the advantage.

Lastly, there won’t be any classes anymore but rather uses the Specialist system, instead of the traditional classes. So far, four characters has been showcase but expect more to be reveal soon.

Battlefield 2042 looks to be something else, with some new changes that could make or break the fanbase. But expect more stuff shown during the gameplay reveal this Sunday, 13 June.

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