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Battlefield 1 Winter Update !


Summarize all of it, Battlefield 1’s Winter update will increase class ranks, the return of combat ribbons, elite codices and the most important among all of those are the servers update.

Despite fixing a lot of bugs in this Winter Updates, they also fix issues regarding vehicles (FINALLY), map adjustments, weapons, spectator mode, and much more. Getting back to the main point, in the Winter Update, they will be releasing some highly anticipated rent-a-server features. RSP admins will now able to kick players from their servers using the in-game UI, or just swing the almighty ban hammer if someone is misbehaving(or someone just being too good at the game until you think they’re using hacks, jk). RSP Admins will now also have prioritized access to their server.

Moving on to our beloved ribbon that having its return debut plus, you can collect more Ribbons. There are 20 different collectible ribbons designed to promote good team play and playing objectives. Plus, if you guys have some sick ideas or suggestion for the Ribbon to be added in the game, just shout out to them.

Next, the elite codices where now it is a possible dream to unlock an Elite Codex for eight of the available primary weapons in the game. All your need to do is get 500 more kills per applicable weapon. Moreover, you will get a shiny Elite Codex, but you will be awarded 25,000 bonus XP.

Finally, on the class max ranks, they were in AWE upon how fast players reached Rank 10 in each primary Class. The new max Class Rank will now be 50 (goodbye social life). As you hit 50, you will be granted some extra nice Class flair in the kill card to taunt your fallen foes(when teabag is too mainstream). There will also be Dog Tags that is unlockable as your progress to max Class Rank 50.