Battleborn Open Beta Starts April 8 For PS4

Team-based character-driven FPS/RPG with a tinge of MOBA Battleborn will conduct its open beta test starting April 8 for PS4 users. The game, not to be confused with another team-based character driven FPS Overwatch, will also have the beta test for the Xbox One and PC, albeit starting at the 13th. The beta will last until the 18th, six days of time for PS4 players to see how the game doesn’t play the same like Overwatch. Should be enough time to help everyone distinguish between the two games.

The gameplay is quite different though, we have some impressions of Overwatch, but Battleborn seems to play a lot more like Borderlands, the previous game series developer Gearbox Software had done. Though this is just an observation, having some hands-on time with the game would give a better impression.

That said, let’s talk about the details of the beta.

First up is the Story Mode. Yes, Battleborn has a story mode, divided into episodes for each 25 characters in the current roster. The beta will give you access to two missions to try out. The story mode teams you up with 5 other players online. Interestingly, you can do split-screen multiplayer and bring another buddy online to the join the other 3 friends or random players in the story.

Next up is the multiplayer. Two modes are available, both on two different maps. This where the MOBA elements are mostly seen. The two modes are Incursion and Meltdown. Incursion requires you to “Destroy the enemy’s two Spider Sentry Drones before they get to yours”. While Meltdown has you helping waves of minions going to throw themselves into an incinerator for points. No PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold membership required for the multiplayer.

In terms of characters, you will get access to 7 of them from the get go, but will unlock the rest of the cast though progression. But, one character is locked for PS4 users only in the beta. Not only that, PS4 players that participate in the beta will grant them a free DLC.

But most importantly, according to the official blog post (and a short chat on Twitter) the beta will be available worldwide. There have been a few games that left us Asian region folks from the open beta party. So hopefully this means we get a chance to join in on the fun that is open betas.

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