Base Destiny 2 And All Year 1 Content Goes Free-To-Play As Destiny 2: New Light, Out September 17th

Now that Bungie is committed on being its own publisher for Destiny after parting ways of Activision, big changes are happening. The most important of them all is the base game itself, which will be completely free on all platforms, called Destiny 2: New Light.

This isn’t just a slap of a new subtitle of the previous base game, which was free on and PS Plus for a limited time. Rather, Bungie has added access to new areas and modes previously locked under DLC or expansion to help new players jump right in. This includes Year 1 DLCs (The Curse Of Osiris, Warmind), the PvPvE Gambit mode, Strikes, and all multiplayer maps and free-roam areas including ones coming to the new Shadowkeep expansion.

The new players will start off with the intro mission from Destiny 1 at the Cosmodrome. This is specially made for New Light.

Destiny 2 will also add cross-saves on all platforms- that’s PC, Xbox One, Stadia and PS4- so you can carry your progression and switch platforms anytime you wish.

Also, Destiny 2 on PC will be migrating from to Steam. Bungie will offer a way to migrate the saves and will share how to do so in the future.

All of this sounds pretty forward-thinking, and should help perk up more interest from new players.

Destiny 2: New Light will be out on PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Stadia on September 17th.

Source: Bungie


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