Bandai Namco Studios Malaysia Officially Open For Business

As reported earlier this year,  is looking into expanding its offices in Malaysia. Yesterday marks the day of its official opening.

The lovely folks over at PC Magazine SEA has all the details, so head over there for the full story. Here’s a short rundown of what does this event entails.

First, this is the opening of a branch Bandai Namco Studios, the development side of the business. As such, expect to see game development being done instead of just the publishing and marketing aspects. Bandai Namco Studios has already established a branch over at Singapore and have done work with local CGI animation studios LemonSky, which should help getting the new branch up and running quick.

The idea here is that Bandai Namco is looking to establish South East Asia as its centre for art creation, with the positions currently are more related to artwork production. This is due to how 3D animation and art making a big impact in Malaysia currently with many upcoming and established talents located here.

This should be an exciting move for those looking into having a career involving making videogames without leaving the country, especially those involved in visual arts. Plus, having our own boys and girls making a stamp on the many AAA titles Bandai Namco will be outputting should be something we gamers can be proud of!

Here’s hoping that with more talents being recruited they can get a few new projects of the ground, or maybe revisit their classic lineups. It’s been a while since we saw a new Ridge Racer.

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