Balrog Will Appear In Street Fighter V Alongside Ibuki And Story Mode Update On July 1

Now this is a surprise. Ibuki was supposed to be coming in May, but delayed to this month to come alongside the long-awaited story mode. The proper, cinematics-filled one that is. With that change of schedule, the list of other upcoming DLC characters are all delayed a month.

Thankfully, we will be getting the next DLC character, Balrog the boxer, this Friday! Though, this Friday is actually July 1, so you could say that Ibuki and story mode got delayed a bit and missed the June window they are targeting. But hey, we get an extra DLC character earlier, so that’s a fair trade.

Take a look at Balrog in action, in a new stage and a glorious remix of his old theme below. Stick around until the end for a surprise.

Yes, that was Juri and Urien being teased.

Remember, both of them will be playable in the upcoming story mode before they are launched properly in the coming months. Also, a kind reminder that all the DLC characters, including Guile and Alex released previously, will now cost 100,000 Fight Money or the RM equivalent to unlock permanently.


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