Baldur’s Gate 3 Coming To Xbox This Year

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out now on PC and is coming to PS5 on September 3. But what about Xbox? Previously, developers Larian Studios clarified that the CRPG was never a console exclusive, and had admitted that they are having problems with getting all the features to work on Xbox Series S, namely split-screen co-op.

Studio head Swen Vincke has announced that they are now going to release Baldur’s Gate 3 within this year, after discussions with Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

This can be done by not having split-screen co-op on Xbox Series S on launch.

Xbox mandated developers to treat Xbox Series S to have feature-parity to Xbox Series X. The Series S was designed with lower specs to the full-blown Series X, but was promised to be able to handle all the next-gen (now current-gen) games albeit targeting a lower resolution. It allows players with no need for 4K gaming to buy a cheaper version of the Xbox Series. However, the Series S’s lower spec has now become an issue for developers like Larian.

This is not to say Baldur’s Gate 3 is cutting split-screen co-op entirely on Series S. Xbox clarify that “we’ll continue to work with Larian to explore the addition of split-screen on Series S post launch”.

Xbox isn’t budging when it comes to feature parity, but this little leeway should mean that players on the green team are not going to miss out in what is perhaps the biggest RPG of the year (sorry Final Fantasy XVI).

There’s no release date on Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series yet. But now it’s confirmed to be coming this year.

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