Babylon’s Fall Has Fallen – Final Patch Notes Simply Says “End Of Service”

Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ attempt at a live-service action game, has now ceased operations. The game is now unplayable as the servers are now closed down, as announced earlier.

The game even put out one final update. The patch notes of version 1.4.0 simply says “End of Service”.

Babylon’s Fall’s Steam page is now hidden, and so is the official website (it now redirects to the Square Enix home page). But SteamDB has the three-word patch notes here.

Babylon’s Fall started out with a banger of a reveal, with many fans anticipating the second collaboration of Square Enix and Platinum to bring something as remarkable as 2017 GM Game Of The Year Nier Automata.

However, as the game revealed itself in full to be a multiplayer live-service action game rather than a traditional Platinum character action game experience, the reception takes a different turn.

Babylon’s Fall is not available anymore.

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