Babylon’s Fall Ends Live Service, Servers On February 27, 2023

An unfortunate, but expected, news has arrived. PlatiumGames and Square Enix’s multiplayer action RPG Babylon’s Fall will end its service on February 27, 2023. A few days short from its 1st year anniversary of release on March 3.

Once the service ends, the game will no longer be able to play. Just like the Tower of Babylon the game took inspiration from, it too will soon be lost to time.

“Large-scale updates” have been cancelled as a result, the news statement on the game’s official site said.

The current season, Season 2, will run until November 29, and after begins the Final Season.

Beginning today, Babylon’s Fall has been delisted from digital stores. Sales for the premium currency, Garaz, have also stopped.

Babylon’s Fall looked to be a promising follow-up to the previous PlatinumGames and Square Enix collaboration, Nier Automata. But when the game revealed itself to be a multiplayer live service first, rather than another hog-wild Platinum-esque character action game, alongside its change of art style, Babylon’s Fall never managed to find enough fans to sustain a live service title.

PlatinumGames have greatly expanded in headcount numbers and are working on multiple projects, but hopefully Platinum can manage to keep its lustre for their next releases. Their next big release will be Bayonetta 3.

Source: Babylon’s Fall

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