Automation Sim Factorio Finally Leaves Steam Early Access

Factorio is a automation sim where you start humble with crafting simple machines and later scale up into fully automated assembly lines, factories and transport systems (while defending them all from alien bugs).

It’s been in Steam Early Access for a while. Seven years, in fact. But on August 14, it has now left Early Access. Factorio 1.0 is here.

Factorio started development in 2012, and started as an Indiegogo campaign in 2013.

This is doesn’t mean that development has wrapped. Plans for update 1.1 is already been shared to fix more bugs.

Factorio is out now in full on Steam for RM50. The developers, Wube Software, are adamant on sticking to that price, even prior to leaving Early Access. The game won’t be getting discounted, but for that price, it’s a interesting game for aspiring builders. Or if you prefer Satisfactory but not in 3D.

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