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After the dissappointing failure of Unity Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft has now launched another new game from the series of conflicts between the Templar and the Assassin, the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. But does it have a big positive impact on the fans or will still be having bugs and minor issues like the last series? Let’s find out in this article presented by



Located in the city of London in the industrialist era (1898), which was very busy while providing a very interesting concept for the Assassin’s Creed series. The two sibilings, Jacob and Evie Frye, battle to beat Crawford Starrick as the main enemy in this game. He is a Templar who now works in London and wants to achieve his dream to dominate the world. Various of concepts and new atmosphere was introduced, such as a carriage, train, high flue and more.


Two protagonists are given to the player with different characteristics and they are the twin siblings, Jacob and Evie Frye. Both of these characters have their own uniqueness.


Evie, owning the classic Assassin character and also likes to murder quietly, sneaks into the enemy base with quick movement. While Jacob was more like a bad-gangster fights with stronger resistance force compared to Evie. He is a character who is quite funny with his dream The Crooks. This gives a uniqueness to the Assassin’s Creed series this time than the previous game.

Graphic and Audio


Do not worry, Syndicate graphics quality and performance are much better compared to Unity. Although many of the reductions made for the total number of civilians on the streets and the atmosphere inside the building compared with Unity, but it helps a lot with the gaming performance for Syndicate. Based on our experience, many of which are permanent solid 30fps for PS4 platform.

The following video below will show you convincing reasons as to why Syndicate has better performance than Unity.

The sound effects are also improved from Unity. Especially vivid sound effects during games, highly satisfying to the player. The background’s sound effects are also glorious like the sound of trains, engines, and also the bustle of boats on the River Thames at the same time reflect the industrialists which is stressed by Assassin’s Creed series this time.

The song’s sound effects are also very good. A wide variety of songs played based on particular situations. For example, as player’s fighting, the song suddenly changed the mood.

Many additions were made in the gameplay. Characters controls in the game and parkour are improved with smoother movement. But still some response are slow while climbing buildings and during a fight.


Rope Launcher / Zipline now is a new experience for the players. It’s said that the City of London is almost 2 times greater than the size of the map in Unity.Then this means travelling from one place to another place should be faster. So, Rope Launcher exist as a device for the players to move faster. However, because of the convenience provided to the players at the same time it reduces the use of parkour system which is one of the unique experience while playing Assassin’s Creed.


Now you have a gang known as The crooks where you can take them to a mission or battle to take control of some areas in the city of London.The combat system has completely been refurbished over making it way more improved compared with the previous series. Warnings from enemies to do counter-attack is very effective as compared with the previous series.


The main mission and side mission are both available. Instructions and tutorials provided are clear and easy to understand. A variety of side missions given, from habit mission of the Assassin’s series as executing captiviting missions over gangs that control some areas that are overrun. But the one that we admire and love are some missions where the player can select various options for completing the mission. This concept has been introduced since Unity but improvements given at the same time give uniqueness to the player.


Players can upgrade their character’s skills with the Skill Point system. The system has been remade and easy to understand for the players compared from the last series. Players are given XP points to upgrade their character’s skills. XP points are calculated for each of the two characters, this means that if the player plays as Jacob and get 1 skill point, Evie also gets 1 skill point. But upgrading skills is based on each character.


Various of items and weapons are assigned according to the level of your character level. This means to get new weapons, players must complete several missions prior to upgrade the level of the character, as well as to use new weapons. Some weapons can be purchased via currency earned through mission while some other weapon can be made “crafting” in advance.



For us, of course, many improvements made than Assassin’s Creed Unity which is rather disappointing. Improvements in graphics performance, storyline, dialog and character also being played in a very satisfying experience. However, there is still a little bug or responsive control which is rather humid, especially during parkour or during the battling.

Despite the announcement of the Jack The Ripper and DLC Season Pass, which reveal more of the Ubisoft to reap more benefits from the players, but the content of the game is always satisfying and not detrimental to the players.

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