Armored Core VI Patch 1.03 Is Mostly Bug-Fixes, No Balance Changes

A new patch for Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon was released last Friday. Patch 1.03 has not ushered in any balance changes (Zimmerman and Songbirds enjoyers can breathe easy… for now). So most of it is bug-fixes with a few quality-of-life additions.

In online matches, spectators can now “quit spectate” and go back to the multiplayer room.

Two new stat parameter, previously hidden, are now part of the menu. The “Chg. Ammo Consumption” for the IB-C03W3: NGI 006 Coral Missile, and “Scan Standby Time” parameter for all head parts, are now displayed. You can find them by pressing Toggle Display, as in, it’s in the menu with all the stats displayed.

The community has even compiled a list of how fast the cooldown for scans for each head part with this neat chart. But now you can see this in-game, thankfully.

You can find the full patch notes with all the bug fixes here. The most notable one of these is “Fixed a bug that caused certain enemies or enemy actions to get stuck on terrain during the mission ‘Intercept the Redguns'”. There’s always one or two MT getting stuck in random places on that mission, hopefully not anymore.

Armored Core VI Fires Of Rubicon is out now on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You can find our review here.

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