Arkane Lyon Is Making A Marvel Game

At The Game Awards 2023, it was revealed what Arkane Lyon, the developers of Deathloop, are cooking next. And it’s game based on Marvel’s half-vampire vampire hunter, Blade.

The trailer for Marvel’s Blade shows Blade handling a blade, well, a razor blade, at a barbershop in Paris.

Arkane has made a reputation in making immersive sims, a niche subgenre that is built on interlocking systems interacting with each other allowing players to play their way.

Deathloop has sort of toned down the mechanics and systems due to the multiplayer invasion component.

With Marvel’s Blade, it will be a single-player game, but in a third-person perspective (you have to see Blade’s character model a lot). Hopefully the Daywalker’s fight against the undead will involve some box-stacking shenanigans if it ever wants to call itself an immersive sim.

This is the second time a developer famous for making immersive sims is branching out to make a Marvel game, the first being Eidos Montreal.

Marvel’s Blade has no release date yet. No platforms were announced, but with publisher Bethesda now under Microsoft, it won’t be a surprise if this is Xbox console-exclusive.

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