Arcade Mode And New Maps Announced For Overwatch

Overwatch is getting a slew of content coming soon. Alongside the long-awaited hero Sombra, we will be getting a new map called Oasis, set in a futuristic city somehwere in the Middle East. It will be a Control map, a.k.a. King Of The Hill.

Alongside that, we will see Arcade Mode. Much more elaborate than the weekly brawls where most of them are rule tweaks to the current 6 versus 6 format (exception being Lucioball for the Summer Games event and Junkenstien’s Revenge, the 4-player horde mode during the Halloween event), Arcade Mode can stray further from the normal mode of play. Expect 1 versus 1 and 3 versus 3 events to happen, with certain matches played in Arcade Mode-exclusive maps, the first of which announced to be Ecopoint: Antarctica.

Arcade Mode will be available on the Public Test Region (PTR) by next week, while Oasis is set to appear there by December.

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