Arc Raiders Delayed To 2023, Embarks’ Team-Based FPS Releasing This Year Instead

Embark Studios’ upcoming co-op shooter Arc Raiders isn’t ready to embark on release just yet. The developers announced that its debut title will not be releasing this year, and delayed to 2023.

“Arc Raiders is an ambitious game, and we will be using this extra time to expand the experience, and allow it to reach its fullest potential,” the statement of Twitter reads.

Arc Raiders was first revealed back at the Game Awards 2021. This is the debut title, or was supposed to be so, for the new company founded by ex-DICE veterans including Patrick Söderlund, now CEO of Embark.

Söderlund revealed in a Medium post, posted after the delay announcement, that Arc Raiders is pushed back in favour of another game in the works, codenamed Project Discovery.

He stated that the unannounced team-based FPS title has been progressing so well that Embark could release both titles this year. Which they decided not to, as they chose to delay Arc Raiders and release Project Discovery this year.

“For a young, relatively small studio like ours, releasing two games in short succession would have strained our teams and resources, many of which are shared between the two projects,” Söderlund said.

Arc Raiders’ delay to 2023 means more time to “expand and refine the Arc Raiders experience”, which includes a new PVP mode.

Project Discovery, or whatever the final title will be, will now be Embark’s debut game, which will be released later this year.

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