Apex Legends Season 20 Will Change How Shields, Ranked Matches Work

Apex Legends will celebrate its 5-year anniversary with Season 20, Breakout. And the new season isn’t just bringing in new content and a fresh new seasonal progression (which they still do). But it comes with some fundamental changes to the long-running team-based shooter.

Shields have been reworked starting with Season 20. Rather than pickups that you must scrounge, every Legend starts with shields. And this is tied to a new mechanic called Legend Upgrades where earning enough EVO allows you to not only upgrade your shield but also pick between two Ability Upgrades.

There are four levels of shields, and you only have to pick between the two Ability Upgrades twice- so there are four unique Ability Upgrades per legend. This should freshen up the meta- and for the developers at Respawn, they now have another lever to pull so to speak when the game needs to address balance changes.

Shield swaps are still a thing, but works a bit different. Instead of swapping shields from a Death Boxes, you gain overcharge (which boosts health over its max for 60 seconds) if you pick up Shield Cores from Death Boxes (or those that are dropped from the ground) of a higher level.

EVO can be earned by doing various actions during a match which includes the following:

  • Personal Gains
    • Damage
    • Knocks and Knock Assists
      • Knocks against a legend of higher level will net an underdog XP bonus
    • Finishers
    • EVO Cache (Care Packages, Vaults etc.)
  • Team Gains
    • Squad Wipes
    • Revives
    • Respawns
    • Class Interactions (Survey Beacons, Ring Consoles, etc.)
    • World Interactions (Wildlife, Trials Completions, etc.)
    • EVO Harvesters

Another big change to Apex Legends when Breakout breaks out is how Ranked Play works. LP will be replaced with Ranked Points (RP) and everyone will start at 1RP with no provisional matches available when Season 20 starts. So everyone will have to restart the climb.

Matchmaking will be based on RP, Ranked Splits are returning in place of Promotion Trials and Ranked Play is now unlocked at a lower level, you’ll need an account at Level 20 to participate. So more players can access Ranked Play quicker.

Apex Legends Season 20, Breakout will commence on February 13.

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