Apex Legends Is A Squad-Based, Character-Focused, Free-To-Play Battle Royale By The Makers Of Titanfall

It's no Titanfall 3 though

A few days ago, leaks suggest that there’s a new game by Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Titanfall, is coming out really soon. And it’s true. Apex Legends is a new free-to-play battle royale game with a focus on squad play and characters with specific abilities.

Despite the game being set in the Titanfall universe, with similar weapons being available, it does not feature the mechs, Titans, and the movement options have been reign down a bit by the removal of wall running.

However, the focus on squad play- there’s no solo mode- and the abilities makes it feel different than other battle royales out there. There’s also a respawn mechanic where you can revive dead squad members once, but it requires the use of a beacon which should alert any nearby squads.

Interestingly enough, Apex Legends will have a battle pass for unlocks and also loot boxes. Yes, loot boxes in an EA game in this age. No wonder the game does not have a lengthy marketing campaign, though at least it’s free-to-play.

This is the first game by Respawn now that is fully owned by EA. And it looks like this is the battle royale game for EA rather than the Firestorm mode in Battlefield V which has yet to come out. Apex Legends is out now on PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One.

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