Anno History Collection Updates The First Four Games In The Series With Modern PC Features

Ubisoft Blue Byte has announced that the first four games in the long-running Anno series is getting updated to run on modern PCs, bundled together as the Anno History Collection.

Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701 and Anno 1404 should feel less like an ancient PC games from an era past. Notable features include each game running on 64-bit for better performance and stability, up to 4K resolution and better multiplayer. Anno 1503, which didn’t have multiplayer in its original release, will now have one.

In addition, these new releases will include all expansions for the respective games. Save games from the original releases will still be compatible with the new releases as well.

Anno 1602 History Edition and Anno 1503 History Edition will be coming to Uplay only. Meanwhile Anno 1701 History Edition will be available on Epic Games Store and Uplay. Anno 1404 History Edition will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and Uplay.

All four games can be purchased separately, or in the 4-in-1 Anno History Collection, exclusively available on Uplay (since that’s the only platform that has all four games).

These are not remasters, there isn’t any major graphical overhauls. The work here is in the back-end side so these games can run on modern PCs in a better way.

All four games in the Anno History Collection will be released on June 25 on PC.

Source: Anno Union

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