Amazon Games Studios Announced Three New Games

Amazon Games Studios have been quietly be working on something. After the e-commerce giant ventured into gaming by buying studios like Double Helix Studios, making their own game engine and then into game streaming by acquiring Twitch, finally we get to see what are the games they have in the works.

Three games are announced. Breakaway looks to offer the most the info so far. At first glance, it looks like a character-driven MOBA, but instead, it is a four-on-four “mythical sports”, basically pick the ball (or, rather, relic), and score a goal. Kind of like Pyre. But with multiplayer, and a focus on streaming. The initial gameplay reveal looks very clean and not to hard to follow,but we will have to see if the Breakaway manages to get a community going before we can talk about it being e-sports. With the sudden surge of making competitive multiplayer to become e-sports, it will be a tough competition.

The other two games we have less info of at the moment. New World is an “open-ended sandbox game that allows you to carve your own destiny with other players in a living, hostile, cursed land”. Seems to bring vibes from games like DayZ and Rust form that description. The enemy forces here are supernatural beings, and weather and seasons will reflect the world along with the usual day-night cycle.

Lastly we have Crucible, a third-person shooter where several players attempt to survive an alien planet with one extra person dictating the action- Dungeon Master style as they can trigger events to spice up the action.

Breakaway is in Alpha right now, which is still accepting sign-ups should you have a Twitch account. New World and Crucible have not much to show just yet. All three games are confirm to run on PC.

The games on offer is all of the multiplayer variety, and those that can leverage streaming platforms. Now we see why Amazon is adamant in acquiring Twitch on board, and let’s hope what they have in the works here can be a winner for them.


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