All PS4 Share Functions Are Disabled In Persona 5

Well, this explains a lot. Persona 5 was released in Japan last year to critical acclaim, though its English localisation needed more time before it was ready. Despite the long gap between the Japanese release and its impending English release next week, there are not many screenshots being shared around, making avoiding spoilers a pretty easy effort.

Now we know why. All versions of the JRPG are prohibiting the use of the PS4’s built-in screenshot and video capture. Speaking to Polygon, Atlus explained why.

“This being a Japanese title with solely a single-playthrough story means Japan is very wary about it. Sharing is currently blocked through the native PS4 UI.”

So if you are thinking of getting some pics and videos from P5, it’ll have to be used from external devices- like a phone’s camera and a capture card like an Elgato.

Persona 5’s English release is set to be on April 5 for the PS4 and PS3.

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