Alan Wake 2 First DLC Night Springs, Comes Out Today, Along With Announcement Of Physical Edition

On stage during the recent Summer Game Fest 2024, Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake came on stage to reveal that the first DLC for their hit action thriller, Alan Wake 2, Night Springs, is releasing the following day after the show, meaning it’s coming out later today.

The DLC contains three chapters and follows a Number One Fan (Rose from the main game), a Sheriff (Shawn Ashmore playing himself as a character) and a Sibling (Jesse Faden from Remedy’s Control) within Night Springs, a show that’s similar to Remedy’s version of The Twilight Zone.

And that’s not all, starting also today is the pre-orders for the physical editions of the game’s deluxe edition by Limited Run Games, which includes a collections edition with the art book and magical lamp (sans magic powers), plus a copy of the first game as a code in it.

So the good time keeps on rolling in a spiral for Alan Wake 2 fans. Let’s see how this DLC surprises us this time.

Alan Wake 2 is out on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC via the Epic Games store

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