Akuma To Appear In Street Fighter V

Disappointed that Akuma is nowhere to be seen in the latest Street Fighter but making a big entrance to Tekken 7 instead? Well, good news. At the end of the Red Bull Proving Grounds Event where they hosted a tournament of Street Fighter V, a teaser trailer dropped showcasing the iconic fighter.

While no word of when a release will happen, and whether he is part of a new season of characters or a special addition to the 22-character roster already in place, we are not sure. But those who will be attending the Playstation experience in December will get to try him out, so that means development work for Akuma is probably nearing the end by now.

Street Fighter V’s roster is still a little bit light in numbers even after the addition of the first season of DLC characters. So more returning world warriors are always a welcome. Especially a popular one like Akuma. Let’s hope he’s balanced enough to not get all the Ryu and Ken mains to switch to him. We still need all the characters to be viable.

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