Akuma Confirmed As First Character For Season 2 Of Street Fighter V

Yup, that’s Akuma alright. He will be the first Street Fighter V character for Season 2 of content. You just can’t have a Street Fighter game without Akuma, even if he is now in the Tekken universe canon as well.

So what’s so special about Akuma? He’s mostly a shoto (shotoken, the character archetype the likes of Ryu and Ken is- fireballs, a dragon punch and tatsumaki as special moves). But he’s a better shoto. His V-Skill, Raikan, is like Ryu’s parry, but can be followed with a long poking punch or an upward kick. His V-Trigger improves his fireballs dramatically, and again, can be followed up if the fireball connects.

Check him out in action below:

Akuma will kick off Season 2 with a release in December 20th. Like all DLC characters, he can be earned through the in-game currency fight money, or bought with real money.

A new character pass for the season is also available should you want Akuma as well as the other 5 characters teased that will be part of Season 2.


How long until the community figured out the silhouettes of these? It didn’t take too long to figure out Alex, Guille, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien just by these sort of teasers. But if they are legitimately completely new characters, that would be interesting to see.

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