Age Of Empires IV Set For Release Later This Year, New Gameplay Shown

The Age Of Empires Fan Preview (the one that newly renamed Xbox SEA Facebook page was sharing) had a lot to show for the upcoming new entry of Age Of Empires.

We got a reveal of a playable civ, the Delhi Sultanate. They come with archers on castle walls and make use of signature units, the War Elephants.

The show also shared a glimpse into the Norman campaign, where you play as Duke William of Normandy trying to take hold of England from King Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

The same civ later evolves into the English and are seen in battle against the Delhi Sultanate. We also get to see two different civs battle too, the Chinese versus the Mongols. Mongols are roving folks that pack up and move their base.

The gameplay shown here features from the early gathering and building phase, building your fortification, small scout skirmishes and stealth ambushes and then later to full out war.

Also, naval warfare will be available too.

Age Of Empires IV is expected to launch this Fall (Q4) on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and will be on Xbox Game Pass For PC on launch.

Source: Xbox Wire

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