Against The Storm Sales Pass 1 Million Copies On Steam

Against The Storm, the roguelite city builder by Eremite Games and publisher Hooded Horse, is a hit on Steam. The publisher announced that it has sold a million copies of Against The Storm on Steam.

And this is specifically on Steam. The game was first made available on the Epic Games Store (as an Epic Games Store exclusive) before signing with Hooded Horse which brought the game on Steam in November 2022. And when the game launched in full last year, it was also available on PC Game Pass.

This sales milestone specifically not include those two other platforms. So there’s more than a million players that have tried this roguelite city builder delight, which is also the developer’s debut game.

“We find it incredibly reassuring that even such a small and relatively unknown studio like ours can thrive on Steam,” said Eremite co-founder Lukasz Korzanowski. “Treating players with respect and listening to their feedback has been an integral part of Against the Storm’s success.”

Against The Storm utilises a bi-weekly update schedule throughout the Early Access period, where player feedback is incorporated. This rapid iteration helps fine tune the game, a mash of two seemingly incompatible game genres, into one of the finest strategy games of recent memory. The game is in our Top 10 Games Of 2023 list- it was a Game Of The Year contender.

And this sale milestone also goes to show how strong Steam is as a platform for PC games. Even with other platforms offering different incentives (Epic has a weekly free game offer, the Microsoft Store has PC Game Pass where you can play over 100 games for a monthly subscription fee), Steam is still a viable platform for PC games, even indie games.

Against The Storm will continue to receive free updates with DLC in the that will add a new biome, new species of citizens and more.

Against The Storm is out now on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store. Check out our review of the game here.

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