After A Long Hiatus, The Trail For Overwatch’s Sombra ARG Is Hot Again

¿Quién es Sombra?

Remember the last time we heard about Sombra, the rumoured new Overwatch hero? Apparently after the last article, nothing happened and we all wait for the countdown on the amomentincrime website to slowly ticking down.

The countdown finished two days ago, and at the time, nothing literally happened. People even went legit angry with the tease that lead to nothing, and more people are criticising on how Blizzard is handling this Alternative Reality Game (ARG) that isn’t satisfying to follow.

However, recently the game just got updated and now folks from the Game Detectives and those still invested in the ARG have uncovered new clues that could lead to more hints. The folks from Overwatch Central has documented some new clues being found and presented into this short video below.

The gist of it is that we now have Bastion reacting weirdly when facing a monitor on Dorado with the Protocol Sombra displayed, a website of Lumerico, the in-game company that made those pyramid-looking power plants was found, and a phone number was discovered that leads to another code.

So for those who are into the mystery will have something to figure out. We probably see Sombra (or a different, new hero) in an upcoming PTR patch that will have “significant hero changes”.

But when is realistically should we expect a new hero to drop? With Blizzcon looming, we probably need to wait around early November to find out the when the new hero will finally drop.

(Header image taken from DevianArt. Check out the artist’s page here)

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