Acer Predator XB2 Monitors With 240Hz Refresh Rate Now Available In Malaysia

High refresh rate monitors are getting popular nowadays, especially among competitive gamers who would seek any advantage they can get. Acer Malaysia has now made available the Predator XB2 monitor, made specifically in mind for high refresh rates. Not 120, not 144, but a whopping 240Hz.

The XB2 monitor also boast 1ms response time, which helps reduce input lag, and utilises NVIDIA G-Sync. It comes in two variants, 24.5-inch Predator XB252Q and 27-inch Predator XB272 that both outputs at 1080p. The monitor also sports a neat design, small bezels on the screen with an ergonomic stand that has enough swivel and tilting to accommodate various setups.

To achieve the fast refresh rate, the monitor utilises TN panels which may not be the best for professional art use or for immersive gaming setups, but it’s a justified trade-off. If you are a competitive gamer/esports athlete or looking to build a setup for esports, this should be perfect for your needs.

Pricing starts at RM 2,399 for the smaller XB252Q and RM2,599 for the XB272.

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