Acer Introduced The Predator G1, A Small Desktop Rig That Could Fit A Titan X

As announced in a press conference last week together with the Predator 17X, the Predator G1 desktop rig was introduced. The desktop is really small in comparison to the G6, but size doesn’t compromise the G1’s performance. The G1 is VR-ready, with configurations including an Nvidia Geforce Titan X graphics card, one the most powerful cards in the market currently.

For a comparison of size, take a look of this picture by Ars Technica comparing the two desktops. It’s really, really small. Easy to carry around too, if you fancy doing the old-school LAN parties.

Image Source: Ars Technica
Image Source: Ars Technica

The G1 will use a 6th-gen Intel Core processors (Skylake) and can boast up to 64GB of RAM. It will also have either 4TB of hard disk or 512GB of SSD storage, G-sync and 4K support, and one USB Type-C port. No exact configurations of specs are given at the moment, but most likely the top end configuration should have all of the good stuff mentioned.

The Predator G1 will launch in June in the US and Europe and May in China. Pricing starts at $599.99 US Dollars, so it’s aiming for the high-end spectrum of the market. Gamers who have the large budget and in need of a VR-ready PC can look forward to the G1 when it will eventually arrive on our shore soon.

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