ACE Varsity To Provide Opportunities For Malaysian Students Make A Career In Gaming And Esports

eGG Network has launched a platform to help Malaysian college students to start a career in gaming and esports.

ACE Varsity is a platform where students can enroll in e-curriculum programmes to expose them to the world of esports outside of just participating as players. These programmes include esports tournament concepts, event management, business, and streaming.

Finishing the programme will award students an e-certificate.

Not only that, but there are also job opportunities, including internships and full-time roles from companies related to esports and gaming.

This is an interesting initiative by eGG Network to grow the gaming industry in Malaysia. It also helps to spread the fact that, yes, you can make money through games. Though not necessarily by being good at them and winning tournaments.

You can find ACE Varsity over this link here, though it appears the site is down at the time of writing.

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